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Indoor Bowls

During the indoor winter season (from September to April) there are numerous club leagues, drives and friendlies for men, ladies and mixed teams in combinations which are available to suit all tastes and levels of ability, with casual play being available on most days when pre-booked.

During the summer season (April to September) the indoor facilities also remain open for members and visitors, enabling players to enjoy taster sessions, continue training or enjoy the leagues, mixed friendlies and competitions, regardless of the weather outside.

Joining a League/Forming a Team

This is generally by invitation from the Team Secretary/Captain who can register whoever he/she wishes with the League Secretary. Or why not form your own team with your friends as there are invariably spaces available for new teams in most leagues. You can also write your name on the lists on the club notice boards for when you would like to play and scan the other lists where Team Secretaries are advertising for players.

Outdoor Bowls

The club’s outdoor bowling facilities include two greens of 6 rinks each – one grass and the other a high-grade all-weather surface. Both greens include a comfortable viewing area which links to the club’s restaurant and bar facilities enabling supporters and spectators to relax and enjoy matches in comfort.

Outdoor Bowls

The club is always delighted to welcome visiting clubs for competitions and friendlies, providing them with a memorable, positive experience during their stay.

During the outdoor season (April to September), the club operates a varied programme of matches, supported by club and external leagues for men, ladies and mixed team combinations, suiting all ages, abilities and interests. Members can enjoy a busy schedule of friendlies, club and inter-club matches and many have also seen success at County and National competition level, both individually and as representatives of The Falcon Bowling and Social Club.

Casual Play (Roll ups)

Casual play (also referred to as a roll-up) is encouraged, just book a rink for yourself and others who want to join you or join in with others who have already booked a rink.

Club Juniors

Club Juniors

Training Sessions for under eighteens take place every Friday from 4.30pm to 6.45pm and Taster Sessions are arranged throughout the year.

By opening up both the indoor & outdoor rinks to Junior Members, the club is able to support their playing development through regular training exercises and engaging games sessions with our team of qualified coaches.

Junior players are also given the opportunity to compete in friendlies and inter-club matches, helping to nurture their playing performance with goals and targets, whilst at the same time expanding the important social skills that are part of being a member of a team.

Provisions are in place to assure parents and carers that the children in their care joining the club are entering a safe environment and suitable considerations have been put in place to accommodate the specific needs of children. The clubs Child Protection Officer, Allan Taplin, is always happy to discuss child protection related matters and is enthusiastic to ensure that the juniors feel comfortable and confident to be part of the club.

Club Night

Every Friday throughout the year is Club Night.

This is an informal event where members can enjoy a short and (slightly!) competitive game of bowls followed by an opportunity to enjoy something to eat and drink with friends.

Falcon Short Mat Bowls Club

The Falcon Short Mat Bowls Club is based within the Falcon Bowling and Social Club complex and being an indoor sport Short Mat Bowls can be played all year round

The club is a member of the Essex County Short Mat Association and the English Short Mat Bowls Association and its players compete in the ESMBA National Championships and Essex County Teams, and local leagues.

Club nights are held every Wednesday night between the hours of 7.30pm & 10.00pm. There is an annual cost of £60.00 to join, plus a weekly fee of £4.00.

We are a friendly club looking to expand and welcome new members.

Anyone wishing for information on how to take part in short mat bowls or just have a go, please contact David Chittock on 07504 831477 or via email [email protected]

It is hoped the above will help you to understand how to get the most out of your membership but if you require any further information any Club Officer will be pleased to assist, or contact Reception on 01245 443 666

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