Falcon to host Home Internationals in 2024

We are delighted to announce that because of the fantastic job the Members of the Club and staff did in 2019, the Club have been formally asked by the Bowling National Governing Bodies if the club would host the Home Internationals and British Isles Championships in March 2024. As many of you will know this is a very presitigious event in bowling terms lasting 8 days in duration with spectators in the figure of 4000 to be expected over the duration of the event. However, whilst this is a great opportunity for the Club to generate income whilst promoting our great club and facilities and the sport in general, we can only deliver this event at a high standard with ALL your support as demonstrated in 2019. An event which is now used as a model by all clubs who have hosted the event since. Hopefully the club can count on everyone to help us host this event.

The planning will involve Chelmsford City Council who have agreed to support the Club in hosting this event.

We will regularly notify everyone of progress as the situation develops and will be asking for your valued support in many areas.


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