Who's President of the EIBA then?

Pauline Adams (pictured) of the Falcon Bowling Club, Chelmsford has been elected President of the English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA); the National Governing Body for Indoor Flat Green Bowls in England at a recent ceremony at their headquarters in Melton Mowbray.

Primarily an ambassadorial role this respected and prestigious position provides the platform to positively showcase the sport of bowls, encouraging participation to everyone of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to play and embrace friendship, fitness, and well-being in a safe and welcoming environment. Bowls provides a 12 month a year sport playing outdoor during the summer months and indoor during the whole year.

Married with 2 children she started her bowling career 41 years ago at a free ‘indoor bowls for beginners’ event held at Falcon Bowling Club. That introduction led her to enrol at Writtle Bowling Club for outdoor bowls thus starting her lifelong passion for the sport. Wanting to give something back to the sport, she has volunteered for numerous committee roles, including presidential duties at club and local association level. A precursor of demonstrating her considerable administration and communication skills necessary for her EIBA Presidential year.

Her enjoyment of the sport outdoors naturally led to participating indoors and she joined Falcon Indoor Bowling Club in Chelmsford some 35 years ago. Her bowling skills were soon recognised and put to the test being selected to play for the Falcon in all their major competitions and thereafter being selected to play for Essex ladies in their national competitive games.

Identifying that bowls clubs are the heartbeat of the sport, her mission statement would be summarised as promoting the sport to all, particularly younger people, by encouraging parents, grandparents, schools and local associations to introduce new participants to the sport. There is a place for everyone from all backgrounds and skill level. Falcon has for several years has had partnerships with local schools to provide that opportunity to play and participate which has proven to be a great success.

The role of EIBA President is a crowning glory for Pauline Adams and is a fitting reward for her hard work, dedication and passion to the sport of bowls.


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