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Fri 8th March Sun 10th March Ladies International Series
Fri 10am   England v Ireland
Fri 3pm   Scotland v Wales
Sat 9th March    
Sat 10am   England v Wales
Sat 3pm   Scotland v Ireland
Sun 10th March    
Sun 9.30am   Wales v Ireland
Sun 2.30pm   England v Scotland
Mon 11th March Wed 13th March British Isles Championships
Mon 9.30am, 2pm & 6.30pm   Various
Tues 9.30am & 2om   Various
Wed 9.30am & 2pm   Various
Thurs 14th Mar Sat 16th Mar Men's International Series
Thurs 10am   England v Ireland
Thurs 3pm   Scotland v Wales
Fri 15th Mar    
Fri 10am   England v Wales
Fri 3pm   Scotland v Ireland
Sat 16th Mar    
Sat 9.30am   Ireland v Wales
Sat 2.30pm   Scotland v England

Doors open at 8.30am

Breakfast and meals will be available throughout the day and the Bar will be open all day.

Pre pay for your tickets on 01245 443666. 

They can then be collected on the day or before the event.

We look forward to welcoming you to the

Falcon Bowls and Social Club


join our club today!

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